Introducing the right scent plays a vital role in the environment you are trying to create – whether it is elegant, welcoming or exhilarating. Adding a scent solution completes your environment ultimately creating a memorable customer experience.

There are lots of things to consider, but we’re here to help guide you through the process and discover which system(s) will meet your needs.

Can we still have scented and pleasant spaces we stay in whether it’s your home, office, restaurant, locker room, store or any other place? Definitely yes, with the help of irresistible Vonj Scent's scents made of the finest essences and fragrances that throughout decades help people feel pleasant wherever they are.




  • Where should I deliver fragrance in my space?

  • Should I create zones of aromas or fill my space?

  • When do I want to scent and for how long?

  • How should my fragrance and solutions work together?




We are professionals and experts that have been giving service to hotels, fitness clubs, car dealers, retail stores, and more. We offer dedicated service to Central Florida and beyond. 



We are committed to deliver a high end customer experience unlike other. Literally. We deliver what gives your customers an exquisite, memorable experience that will last forever. 




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