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"The sense of smell is the hair-trigger of memory." -Mary Stewart



The ScentDirect™ scent delivery system features advanced diffusion technology that converts liquid fragrance into a fine, dry, invisible mist and releases it directly into your environment.

Designed to maximize the efficiency of scent delivery, the ScentDirect system covers your medium sized area with more intensity while using fragrance oil cartridges that are easily replaceable.


Solution Highlights:


  • Advanced atomization technology with particles 1/50th the size of aerosol droplets and 1/125,000th the weight

  • Patent Pending Collector technology maximizes consistent fragrance delivery

  • Noise canceling technology

  • Adjustable scent intensity settings

  • 24 hour clock with programmable events

  • 30° directional fan-assisted output

  • 180° rotational mount

  • Track lighting or wall mountable

  • Low maintenance, low voltage and low power

The ScentStream® HVAC scent delivery system is ideal for creating long-lasting ambient scent in your large-scale environment.

With its advanced diffusion technology, the ScentStream safely releases fragrance into your existing heating and air conditioning ventilation systems without sprays, aerosols or heated oils. Adjustable duration and intensity settings make it easy for you to customize the scent output for any environment.


Solution Highlights:


  • Provides coverage for areas with an air volume up to 500,000 cubic feet

  • Twenty-four hour clock with variable cycle times

  • No large upfront costs for equipment

  • Low maintenance with few moving parts

  • Simple replacement of oil with no messy pouring

  • Adjustable scent intensity settings


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